Signature Frags is a brand new high end Uk coral supplier in the UK specialising in rare coral through farming and aqua culture.

Our Mission

We were commissioned to create the branding, marketing material and website for this exciting new start up business.

The client had the idea of wanting an Angel fish swimming through corals but left the creative completely to us. They needed a brand that 

would push them ahead of their competition in a fairly small but complex market, packaging labels, marketing material

and a stunning e commerce website to help generate sales online of their beautiful corals.

Our Delivery

This was a fantastic project for us. The client gave us an open book in terms of what we could create and after a brand consultation meeting

we bounced some ideas with the client who loved the direction we were taking. He loved the vector side of what we were producing that could sit nicely

with the photography of his stunning corals and the logo was designed to give the client something which oozed their personality along with promoting

exactly what they do. Once the logo was created we worked heavily on the marketing and packaging material and by the time we had finished the people spending money with the client had no idea they were a brand new company, we had set them up with the look of a company who had been running for years. The website was then produced and our ongoing monthly design, print and website work is helping to contribute to the growth of this exciting new start up.

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The Verdict - A Very Happy Client

As a start up business we needed a brand new logo, website, brand identity and print marketing campaign.

We contacted Trust Phantom and they produced a brand and website that blew us away. Not only did they save us money from our

marketing budget but they also went above and beyond to push it all through as quickly so we can start generating an income.

Fantastic company to work with.

Christian - Signature Frags

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